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Don’t get stuck one shot email campaigns. Build out your lead marketing with always-on email campaigns and engagement programs. Get Stefaan on board of your team. He brings in 18+ years of digital engagement experience and best practices of 50+ brands.

"Stefaan gets the best out of the people to build successful digital engagement."
Jean Durand
Managing Partner Rise+Shine

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Digital Engagement / CRM Strategy

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Get a senior freelancer who experienced all the digital changes

The changing world of marketing

Back in the old days, marketing was about branding and reaching audience. Now, it is about customer engagement and transaction. The role of marketing is creating helpful customer experiences.

Stefaan has helped many marketing teams in their transition to digital engagement. He really understands what it takes to make it happen: data, people, process and technology.

The world of digital

Stefaan has know the birth of the internet and eveolved ever since. He is to used to work with digital experts. Hebhas worked for leading digital communication agencies like Emakina Group, Engagement Factory, Serviceplan Group and Wunderman Thompson.

So he knows the drill of digital execution and isn’t affraid of testing himself. On top, he worked for 10+ years within the field of marketing auomation.

Stefaan worked for top brands throughout Europe.

Over the last 18 years I have worked for 50+ brands within industries of automotive, finance, insurance, technology, telco, manufacturing and construction.

Stefaan likes challenging organisations and complex structures.

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