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Customer Experience
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A lot of companies struggle with Customer Experience. There is a lot of blabla and too little boom boom. Move away from the theory and start acting. Dare to change. Dare to dive into the world fo your customers. And stay away from costly customer research. Choosing for GrowthUp is choosing for customer love and an easy to use framework. Discover here the Expert services.

Persona mapping & profiling

Empathy map

Context map

Customer research

Customer journey

Detect CX friction

Service blueprint

New service sprints

Customer value proposition

Customer relevancy

Project Management

Service campaigns

Customer Experience projects

Lead Marketing
Expert services

There are 4 types of challenges in lead marketing: people, data, process and technology. The biggest challenge is data. If you do not have your persona in your database, qualified, forget it. Stefaan helps you out with your lead marketing challenges. Discover here the Expert services.

Lead contact strategy

Lead qualification

Lead scoring & routing

Always on lead engagement

Contact profiling

Campaign management

Demand generation campaigns

Lead nurturing campaigns

Content framework

Lead generation tools


Demand waterfall strategy

Content audit

Content mapping

Content management

Content performance

Lead Marketing projects

Email Marketing
Expert services

Stefaan has 15+ years of email marketing experience. He has managed all sorts of email campaigns from enewsletters to complex lead nurturing campaigns. You want results with your emails? Build strong relationships with prospects and clients? Discover the expert services.

Database health check & cleanup

Opt-in campaigns

Preference centre

Welcome campaign

Contact strategy

Always-on lead framework  

Basic engagement campaigns


Demand generation campaigns

Lead nurturting campaigns

Product introduction campaign

Product trial campaign

Customer life cycle campaigns

Upsell & Cross sell campaign

Trigger based campaigns

E-mail optimisation & A/B Testing

Email Marketing projects

Behavioural Design
Expert services

Marketing gets people into action. Whether we move people to buy, to use a product or to buy even more, there are all types of behaviours we want people to perform. This ranges from: opening an email, filling in a form, reading a blogpost, requesting an offer to a transactional payment. Stefaan applies behavioural techniques to bring out the best perfomance.

Campaign design

Email optimisation

Product adoption

Form optimisation

Digitalize service

Sales conversion optimisaton

A/B email testing

Website friction audit

Behavioral analysis

Behavioral modeling

Redesign of landing pages


Behavioural Design projects