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Create strong customer relationships with emails

Email Marketing

The marketeer
and email

“I see a lot of struggles with emails.”

On the one hand, marketeers see an email as a letter or as a webpage, and put a lot of content into it. People don’t read emails, they scan. They instantly want to see the relevancy.

On the other hand, marketeers hardly test their own emails. You can only create an email experience if you have experienced it yourself. Not only in terms of content, but also in terms of compatibility with all email service providers and devices. Test. Test. Test. Involve others in your testing.

Where is the customer
in your emails?

“I see a lot of sceaming emails. Emails that are only about me  me, me, but not about the receiver, the customer. “Promotion!” “Event!” “Don’t miss out!”. Where is the relevancy?”

Results?! Low open & click rates. Hardly any conversion. Unsubscribes. And a bad sender score. The more marketeers keep on pushing, the worser it gets for all of us. 

Stefaan helps you out


Production time at Wolters Kluwer


Opening rate of HLN emails


Qualified leads for Samsung


Email campaigns for BMW

+15 years
Email experience

“I can not count the number of email campaigns I managed. It must be +550 email campaigns. I have been working on lead acquisition, customer loyaty, digital service, product activation and win backs.”

Stefaan has worked with the best in class email tools, marketing automation: Marketo, Eloqua, Responsis, Selligent, Pardot and Hubspot.

He teached  marketing teams throughout Europe how to adopt marketing automation and helped to design email campaigns people really want.

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“80% of professionals say that email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. Double win”

*2020, Emarketer

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