Stefaan Vuylsteke

I’m Stefaan,
passionate marketeer driven by the customer in me.

Digital & life
experience nomad

I am a passionate marketeer, born in Kortrijk (Belgium – Broeltorens), living in Leuven (Belgium – Stella Artois) and office in Gent (Belgium – Gentse Feesten).

I like to travel and see where the journey brings me. For the moment I’m in Ibiza. What is truly valuable to me are experiences, instead of possession. Being aware of what is happening now. I am an experience nomad enjoying each moment in life.

I am passionate about making helpful connections with people through digital engagement. Over the past 18 years I have developed 4 expertises to make a success of digital engagement.

I drive
your customer love

In 2019 I made a choice to work back inside marketing teams. Not as a consultant, not as a marketing director, but as a freelance

I’m a man of the action. The only way to drive the customer spirit within marketing team, is from the inside. I like to challenge marketeers on their customer understanding. 

18 years of
digital engagement

I worked for corporate companies and agencies throughout Europe within technology, telecom, insurance, automotive and manufacturing. I worked as marketing manager, lead manager, CX consultant and CRM account director.

Over the past 18 years I launched 550+ email campaigns, 35+ websites , 40+ customer engagement programs, 15+ lead tools and many, many forms!

Building digital relationships with customers. The aim was getting them to buy! Generating leads and converting in sales. I did this for 50+ brands.

Learning by doing
fast and hands-on

I come alive when I facilitate co-creative workshops. I get the best out of people. I help to develop their customer empathy, I facilitate to work together on processes and get people into fast ideation on new services. 


Certified Service Design Doing

Certified Strategyzer

Master Google Sprint

Making a change:
awaken the customer in you

Understanding is not enough to make a customer driven change. You need to empathize with your customers. Take action upon understanding. I have learned techniques to get people into that empathy state and state of action:

  • Improvisation
  • Ideation
  • Visualisation


Certified Prosci change

Practioner Conscious coaching

Practioner Improvisation

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