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Behavioural Design

Digital engagement that gets people into action

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“As a marketeer, I wanted to understand the basiscs of customer behaviour. Marketing is to me is like behavioural coaching as we get people into a behaviour.”

So over the past 5 years Stefaan studied behavioural science, followed trainings and read many books. And it made him realize that marketing is about helping people. Marketing should be meaningfull and friction-free.

Check out great work of behavioural scientists like BJ Fogg, Roger Dooley, Daniel Kahneman

"Thinking is to humans as swimming is to cats, they can do it but they'd prefer not to."

The path
of the least effort

There is basic law in behavioural science: The law of least effort. This means that the human takes the path of the least effort, the least friction.

As we have limited energy, we can not stand still, pay attention, all the time over each decision. Taking a consciouss, rational, decision takes energy. That is why 95% of all actions are taken subconsciously. 

If you make your digital engagement friction-free, least effort, you will get the results you always wanted.

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When you have a performance problem, the real behaviour does not match up the desired behaviour.  With behavioural design you will easily see what is standing in the way and how to improve. We look further that just a graphical design change.

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Friction Model

In 2020 Stefaan developed the Friction Model. The model describes how you can reduce the level of friction by managing 6 elements. These elements are: time, steps, thinking, emotion, trust and relation.


The great thing about this model is that it works like a sound system. If there to much of one element, you can compensate by another element. 

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