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Lead engagement

Let’s build your lead marketing machine
generating a continuous flow of qualified leads.

Your look for?

You want to stop waste money and time on non qualified leads?

Looking for a framework that you can apply on all of your products?


We build your lead marketing machine on 2 wheels: your content wheel and lead process wheel. First we dive into your customers.

Qualified leads!!

You know what content to share and when in the buying journey. How to get new contacts in. How to nurture. And get them convert

Who is your lead/prospect?

A lead (prospect) is a potential customer. Your customer is a person that discovers, buys, consumes, uses or benefits you product or service. This can be the buyer, the user, the decision maker, the supporter, the benefiter, … Once a person showed clear interest and matches your persona profile.

to fast to convert.

Yes we want sales, new customers. So we try to convert them a soon as possible. But this has an apposite effect. They get irritated, don’t feel listened to, so they leave or ignore your messages. Start building a relationship first!

framework to help

Take your time to convert leads into customers. With a clear framework, you will be able to focuss on helping them out with valuable content. This is the essence of your lead marketing. People look for help, connection and empathy.

"What a dedication and speed. In a very short time Stefaan created with his team a continuous flow of qualified leads for all of our portolio."
Fabrice Maquignon
CEO Wolters Kluwer Transport Services

What we will do during the program

We select your personas and dive in their role. Get to know their context, pains and gains.

We map out the customer decision journey: the activities, motivations, questions and resources of your personas.

We define your content themes. Audit your existing content. And build content story boards. 

We design you lead generation campaigns from opt-in to conversion. Based upon the demand waterfall principle. 

We profile your leads. Define the qualification criteria. 

We set-up your lead scoring model, define the actions as well as the routing.

We implement, launch and report lead generation campaigns. Sales and markerting collaboration.

What you get

Co-cretiave workshops, customer interview, expert support, frameworks, campaigns, techniques –  all you need to generate qualified leads.

stakeholder map

persona map

(expert support)

digital research wall

customer decision journey

content themes & map

content audit 
(expert support)

prototype emails & LP

opt-in  campaigns

lead trigger campaigns

lead nurturign campaigns

lead conversion campaigns

lead profile & qualification

lead scoring & routing

data modeling

(expert suport)

Get 2x more business based on quality relationships.

How we will work.

A Lead engagement program is never standard, it adapts to your business context. The outline of the program is as follows.

The aim of the program is to have a lead marketing machine in place. We work on content and on lead management processes. 

Check. We check in advance how your actual lead marketing is going, the learnings and do a check on what needs to be done. Let us don’t forget the back-office: CRM/Marketing Automation technology and you database.

Select. We select a product or product line. So we can focuss and get you into instant action.

Customer contect. First we diven into the real context of your product. We map out the different situations your product is being used, who is involved and outline the segments.

Stakeholders. We identify your stakeholders. People who are involved in the buying and using of your product.

Personas. From the stakholder map we slect your key stakeholders: your personas.

Persona map. We dive into the world of the persona. Getting to know their jobs, pains and gains

Interviews. We co-create first the persona. Aftwerwards we check, validate and omplete based on interviews anddesk research.

Journey map. We outline the decision journey of your prospects: stages (from interest to buy), activities, motivations, questions and resources. This we do for each persona involved.

Engagement check. We check where, in which stages are you already engaging with which personas.

Friction check. It is important to understand where and when your personas exeperience difficulties. We call this friction (effortfull, takes more energy than needed). So make sure to cover this in your engagelment design.

Content themes. We map content to the questions in each stage and define the content themes. 

Content audit. We perform an audit to identify existing content that can be used or repurposed in the different stages.

Content story board. We develop content storty boards which feed your lead engagement campaigns.

Content inventory.We build an inventory of content elements, new and existing, needed within your lead  engagement campaigns.This is the basis of your content poduction.

Customer relevancy. Before diving into digital engagement campaigns, we need to allign with the overall customer experience we want to bring. What is it that we want to bring that makes us different? And how?

Demand waterfall technique. We use this technique to build our framework. It outlines the channels and the type of campaigns per stage. It is like a waterfall. Sliding a persona from one campaign to another based upon profile and behavioral data.We cover all the important engagement stages: from getting new contact into your database, to trigger interest, to lead nurture to engage with a lost opportunity.

Campaign outline. We define what we want to achieve and ideate on the type of campaigns and content to make that happen.

This is the fun part :-). 

Now we start building our campaigns.

Campaign flow. A campaign consists of different digital channels like email, landing page and online form. It consists of different emails. It is like a story board. What do you tell in email 01 and what in email 02? And wat are the conditions to send email 03?

Messaging. Per email you define the message and what infoirmation is needed on landing page.

Data. You define what data is the trigger for the email and what data you want to gain.

Prototype. We prototype all the digital assets. It is important that we make the experience as easy as possible and focuss on the actions we want our personas to take. 

Lead definition.

Lead profiling.

Lead qualification.

Lead scoring.

Lead routing.

Your Lead engagement program

This program gets you into inmediate action. You know which content to produce, what type of campaigns, how it all fits.

Grow your database

Get more things done

Always-on campaigns

Re-usable frameworks

Inmediate brief and implement

Work now on your lead machine