> Customer deep dive program

Customer deep dive program

A custom made program of co-creative workshops, work sessions and expert service.

What we will do

You will get to know your true customer, the people behind your customers.


persona, customer journey, customer interviews, digital reseacrh wall, re-usable templates


We apply a step by step approach from check-up to journey. 

Who is your customer?

Your customer is a person that discovers, buys, consumes, uses or benefits you product or service.  It is not just one person, the buyer. There are more people involved. All these people are your customer. Within B2B a customer consists on an average of 7 persons.

we stick to our product world

Wake up call. Your product is not the solution, it is a mean to get things done. It is part of a bigger context, the real customer context. Dive into their world. Find out what they really want achieve. I understand, it is not that easy. We are into our own product world, as we know this best. 

become your customer

The only way to get your business in a fast track of success, to accelerate your marketing actions to deliver a great customer experience: is to become customer. This means thinking and feeling as a customer. 1 questions you should always ask yourself when getting into marketin action: ” Does this help me (my customer)?”

"Stefaan gets you into the head, heart and soul of your customers. He brings your personas alive. No insights on slides."
Ruben Scholtz
Founder All In Sales

What we will do during the program

You will get to know your true customer, the stakeholders of your product. And select the main ones, your personas.

Once personas selected, we will dive into their role, from a customer context and from your product context.

We use the power of co-creation & ideation to empathize with your personas and think in solutions.

We define your true value to your customers. So they know inmediately why to choose for you, for your product.

We will check the product marktet fit of your offering. What is missing?

We map out the buying and usage journey so you can build your lead and customer engagement campaigns.

What you get

Co-cretiave workshops, customer interview, expert support, frameworks, research data – all you need to turn prospects into loyal customers.

customer context map

stakeholder map

persona profile maps

customer value canvas

digital research wall

buying journey map

client journey map

customer stories

content  themes

buying engagement

client engagement

Drive your business with a clear customer focuss.

The approach

A Customer Deep Dive Program is never standard, it adapts to your business context. The outline of the program is as follows.

The aim of the program is to get you  into instant marketing actions. Before diving into your customers, let us make sure we know which actions are needed. Each action requires insights and a framework.

Once we have the full picture, we allign on the scope. The number of customer interviews, the workshops, the frameworks and planning. We make sure we have a good mix of customer research methods.

We always dive first into the real context of your product. In which situations is your product being used. And who is all involved? We use maps and storyboard to make the learning intuitively. 

Co-creation workshops + Expert Support

Once we have selected the persona, let’ s find out more about them. We start with the customer persona map. Really focussing on their job and pains. Than we have a look at the prodcut persona map. Intuitive maps. Collection of raw data like pictures, videos and quotes. 

Co-creation workshops + Expert Support

Accordion Content
Accordion Content
Accordion Content

It is important to ask people, observe, interview or involve. Most of the work is done in co-creation based upon your knowledge and intuition. It is needed to validate this, to avoid biases and get firstline information from the people.

Expert Support


Your Customer Deep Dive Program

This is the foundaation of your marketing. Everything you need to 
attract prospects (acquisitoon) and turn them into ambassadors (retention).

Know all your customers

Evolve your products & service

Digital research wall & maps

Frameworks to take marketing actions

Attract and convert prospects

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